Monday, May 20, 2013

Boys room finished!

We finished most on the work on these a few months ago but have been slowly putting on the finishing touches.  It's actually quite amazing that I managed to take these photos of a (relatively) tidy room as five minutes after these were taken there 4 kids in here jumping on beds and pulling everything out of the closet.  Serves me right for doing things on the weekend when the boys are around.

Pretty much everything in the room is new except for the rugs and the little white bookcase that I've had since I was a teenager.

Dad helping me paint the walls in Dulux Ecru Half and the stained pine beds were purchased from Snooze.  The world map was a bargain online from Cudo.

The Tintin poster is from Side Street Vintage in Hawthorn. It was featured  in an issue of Home Beautiful Magazine and thought it would be perfect for my little Tintin fans.  Also I don't think it'd be something they'd grow out of that quickly.  I'd personally be happy to have it hanging anywhere in the house!  I'm still pretending I bought it for the boys not me...

I'm still trying to find a print for above Eoin's bed so he has a placeholder for the moment.  Curtains were made by me from Spotlight fabric.

The rugs were crocheted by myvery clever mother years ago and have travelled with me to Ireland and back.
The bedside tables are my Ikea Tarva hack. They come in raw pine ready to be painted/stained any colour you want.  It was a bit of work but definitely much cheaper than buying ready painted solid pine furniture.  Also I like that they have a little shelf for the boys books as well as a big drawer.

So, all done. 


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Things that have happened.....

since I last blogged!

  • I cut off all my hair -really short.  Not a fan of selfies so you'll have to wait till I have a decent picture. 
Emergency earring shopping session
  •  Discovered you need earrings and makeup when you have short hair so that you don't look like a boy
  • Finished the boys' bedroom over the Christmas holidays - photos soon
  • Started painting our bedroom about 2 months ago and still have only completed one wall

  • I have both boys in school so on my days off I have wonderful, exquisite solitude ... (so you'd think I'd have more time to paint)
  • Have started learning Spanish at which I appear to be exceedingly crap.