Saturday, May 19, 2012

Miss my weekend

I took a week off my part time job last week to do a 5 day course. The side effect of this is that I've spent the whole weekend doing all the tedious, boring stuff I usually do on my days off: washing, vacuuming, mopping, more washing, giving the cat a bath (I know..what can I say), cleaning the shower. I'm still procrastinating over cleaning the toilets.

Truthfully, I don't feel like I've had a weekend. Thankfully it's a one off and I'm back to normal next week. What I'm wondering is how do mothers that work full time cope and still stay sane? I honestly don't know how they can. Even if they have a cleaner how do they manage with after school activities, homework and cooking a dinner that doesn't invoke toast? When do they get to sit on the balcony and read? To just be still? I need those moments of stillness.

My neglected deck
So even though I sometimes dream of going back full time so that I actually have a career rather than a job, I don't think I could sacrifice my weekends for it. After all, what's the point of work if not to live?

And on that note, I going to forget about the rest of the washing and head out to the Paniyiri with my boys and enjoy this beautiful afternoon.


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  1. Lovely T. It's these realisations that matter. Moments if stillness are critical to everyone. The busier the life, the more critical they are.